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How did the century envisage its own movement, its trajectory? As a re-ascent towards the source, an arduous construction of novelty, an exiled experience of beginning. These meanings, together with a few others, are conjoined in a Greek word: 'anabasis'. More particularly, Anabasis is the title of a narrative by Xenophon that tells the story of a troop of about 10,000 Greek mercenaries enlisted by one of the warring camps in a Persian dynastic quarrel.

Alain Badiou, The Century, trans. with commentary and notes Alberto Toscano, USA: Polity Press, 2007, p. 81.
Xenophon Anabasis with an English translation by Carleton L. Brownson. Harvard University Press; Cambridge, Massachussets; London, England
Paul Celan

Here you can discover artworks inspired by the poetry of Paul Celan that are results of a two weeks residency (19th of July - 1st of August 2021) with artists from Germany and Ukraine


four curators on a video call four curators on a video call

The curators and coordinators were elaborating the concept long before the residency, mainly focussing on questions of identity and posthumanism based on selected Celan-poems.

The selection process of the 69 applications for ten places required several discussion rounds of the Anabasis Team.


Sebastian Unger (Germany) Oleksandr Sushynskii (Ukraine) Dr. Enikő Dácz (Germany) Oleh Barasii (Ukraine)

69 Разом.
11 artists

Dovilė Aleksaitė (Berlin) Yana Bachynska (Lviv) Bohdan Bunchak (Kyiv) Tiny Domingos (Berlin) Oscar Lebeck (Leipzig) Neue Judische Kunst (Kyiv) Bohdan Svyrydov (Cherkasy) Paul Wiersbinski (Berlin) Vitaly Yankovy (Vinnytsia) Hana Yoo (Berlin)

Das Gedicht ist einsam. Es ist einsam und unterwegs. Wer es schreibt, bleibt ihm mitgegeben.

— Paul Celan


Only one thing remained reachable, close and secure amid all losses: language. Yes, language. In spite of everything, it remained secure against loss.

— Paul Celan

Screenshot of Blender displaying a 3d wireframe egg-like shape being edited

what are the goals of posthumanism regarding to the planetary and space perspective?

Posthumanism can be seen as a post-exclusivism: an empirical philosophy of mediation which offers a reconciliation of existence in its broadest significations. Posthumanism does not employ any frontal dualism or antithesis, demystifying any ontological polarization through the postmodern practice of deconstruction. Not obsessed with proving the originality of itshuman animals, biological organisms and machines, the physical and the nonphysical realm; and ultimately, the boundary between technology and the self. (p. 29)
in Posthumanism, Transhumanism, Antihumanism, Metahumanism, and New Materialisms Differences and Relations, by Francesca Ferrando

The following, long-awaited and organised residency was defined by the talks of the experts…

Dr. Francesca Ferrando (USA) José F.A. Oliver (Germany) Prof. Dr. Petro Rychlo (Ukraine) Paul Sars (Netherlands) Rochelle Tobias (USA)

Two pages of the Anabasis program pdf

… artists, and curators with the recurrent topic of Paul Celan’s poetry and the obvious or less obvious ties to posthumanism.

Text on image: todo: OCR Text on image: todo: OCR

During the intensive work, the otherwise private search for identity/ies became a common act of creation.

abstract drawing; text fragments: Who am I? a clown with purple lips; [etc]

The artists’ inputs showcased, among others, methodical difficulties and the search for the appropriate form.

The topics discussed often touched the core…

And we did not miss some technical difficulties which required language switching…

In the months after the residency, the curators and coordinators got insights into the working processes.

However, at that time, we were free to use our phantasy for imagining the final works e.g. as we got the Celanian keywords:

  • landscape
  • uncharted territory
  • gravity
  • language
cold mountain-y landscape; subtitles: Sie blieben verflochten zu Netzen-

or even concrete geographical references.

In other cases, we got prepared for the final surprise.

But during the whole time, we tried to build a bridge between the artists and the interested community while communicating with all involved, including the developers.

slack screenshot discussing a zoom meeting with Anabasis Space

And so here
we are happy
to invite you
to wander
with our artists!

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